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TAKE ACTION: Respond to Bigotry in the Ventura County Star

The newspaper published a letter spewing pure bigotry against the Arab culture.

Dear community member,

The Ventura County Star published a deeply bigoted letter to the editor, “Differing Cultures,” on February 6. In the letter, writer Phil Moses cites anecdotal incidents portraying Arabs as inherently dishonest and deceitful and advises readers to get to know “foreign cultures.”  Although he writes that he does not wish to “degrade” the Arab culture, Moses goes on to bash Arabs by stating how Arab parents murder their daughters for wanting to adopt the Western culture, and how Arab dentists and contractors extort American consumers.

The CAIR-LA office contacted the newspaper’s opinion page editor to inquire about policies on the use of foul language and/or bigoted claims made in opinion pieces. The letter was subsequently removed from the website.

TAKE ACTION: (As always, be polite and respectful.)

1. Call the newspaper’s Opinion Page Editor Mike Craft at 805-437-0251 or email him to express your concerns about the newspaper’s publication of an outrageously bigoted letter.
Talking points:

* The Ventura County Star should apply the same set of standards in opinion writing to all minority communities. Though the letter was eventually removed, however if the letter writer had made similarly biased claims about African Americans, Jews, Asians, Latinos or another group, his letter wouldn’t have been published in the first place, and rightly so.

2. Share this action alert with your family and friends and ask them to do the same. 



February 6, 2012

Most U.S. citizens know little about Arabic culture and this unfamiliarity is potentially serious, since Arabic cultures are dramatically different from ours.
We must learn more, as Middle-Eastern matters increasingly find their way into U.S. internationalism. We appreciate the positive characteristics of Arabic society, but we must also be aware of negative aspects that expose Americans to unfamiliar principles.

Following are factual experiences involving Arabic-American relations, not meant to degrade, but to illustrate the different attitudes in Arab society compared to ours.

An Arab couple murdered three daughters only because the girls showed interest in Western cultures. Their stepmother also was murdered for permitting their behavior.

A practicing Arab neurosurgeon is being sued for astounding medical incompetence and horrendously botched surgeries, causing serious infections and permanent disabilities.

Through a dental plan I went to a local Middle-Eastern dentist. He said I needed extensive work at a cost of about $5,000. My wife went to the same dentist. Strangely, he told her the same thing. A referred American dentist said the diagnosis and treatment was a complete fraud. An examination and cleaning cost $85 each.

An Egyptian client fought in the Six-Day War of 1967. When the firing began, the officers ran, several hiding in trees. The soldiers threatened to shoot the officers, if they didn’t climb down and lead them.
An Arab heating contractor fraudulently manipulated his test meter, showing that I needed a new $5,600 heater. I called an American technician for his diagnosis. It cost $79, and the heater runs perfectly.

These occurrences, though uncommon, still necessitate understanding foreign cultures as compared to ours.

- Phil Moses,
Westlake Village

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