Building Voter Engagement

CAIR-LA Registers Voters at the 2017 MAS Convention

CAIR-LA Staff and Volunteers 

CAIR-LA staff and volunteers registered voters at the 20th Annual MAS Convention at the Ontario Convention Center. We collected over 400 pledges to vote in the 2018 elections and registered more than 60 peopleto vote. We are dedicated to increasing Muslim American voter turnout so that we as a community can leverage our civil rights for a brighter future. 

Asmaa Ahmed, our Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, and our Advocacy Manager, Masih Fouladi, led a session entitled, “Empowering the Ummah: Changing the World Through Political Engagement,” where they spoke about the importance of advocacy and civic engagement and discussed CAIR-LA's Voter Registration Campaign.

In addition, our Leadership Development Coordinator, Yusra Khafagi, presented on a panel entitled, "The Best Servants of Allah," centered around youth activism. She discussed CAIR-LA's youth programs including, the Muslim Game Changers Network, the Muslim Youth Leadership Program, and the Bridging Communities Program.

 Bridging Communities Inspires Youth 


Bridging Communities participants

The purpose of Bridging Communities is to bring dedicated Muslim and Latinx youth together through solidarity work. The program will equip participants with advocacy, social justice, leadership, and community organizing tools.  

The first day focused on identity; participants learned the importance of understanding each other before being able to make change. They also explored the danger of stereotypes in the way they understand the world around them. In the second session, youth learned the contributions Muslims have made to America as well as the art of bringing people to action by sharing inspirational stories. The final session will focus on advocacy and provide participants with the framework and tools to build power for their communities.

Through this program, we will empower more than 90 youth to actively involve their community members in the 2018 elections in coordination with CAIR-LA's Voter Registration Campaign