Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office is accepting $425,000 in federal grant funding from the Department of Homeland Security to implement a dangerous program known as Countering Violent Extremism (CVE).

CVE is based on a flawed theory that claims there are reliable “indicators” for predicting if individuals are on a path to radicalization.

CVE targets the Muslim community and stigmatizes them as inherently suspect under the false premise that Muslims are more prone to violence than other religious or ethnic groups.

CVE chills First Amendment-protected activities such as attending a mosque, participating in activism and expressing political opinions.


The Los Angeles City Council must vote to approve the grant before the Mayor’s Office can receive the federal funding. Join us for an action on Tuesday, June 5 to urge the Los Angeles City Council to vote NO, because we do NOT want CVE in our city. 


  • Mark the date on your calendar and attend the City Council meeting with an 8.5×11” sign reading: #STOPCVE
  • Help us spread the word. Sign and share the online petition by clicking on the button below to demand that the Los Angeles City Council rejects CVE funding.