May 6, 2024
Muslim Community Action Network

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What is MCAN? 

MCAN stands for Muslim Community Action Network—a network of teams of Muslims in Southern California who come together to build civic engagement and advance the Muslim agenda politically. 

Teams will largely be organized by masajid, though some teams will emerge from Muslim Student Associations, neighbors, or community organizations. These teams will be coordinated and supported by CAIR-LA’s advocacy team. 

What Makes MCAN Different? 

The injustices in Palestine have exposed Muslims’ political weaknesses in the United States. Although our community has a lot of energy, we need guidance to coordinate our efforts and create power through a unified voice. 

By coordinating teams across Southern California, MCAN will provide teams with guidance, unify our efforts, and help elected officials to understand our power—all from within members of our community. 

Perhaps the greatest strength of MCAN is that it resides within CAIR-LA. As part of CAIR-LA, MCAN will have broad geographical reach in the Southern California region. Although CAIR-LA is a (c)(3), CAIR-CA also has (c)(4) and Political Action Committee (PAC) branches, allowing MCAN’s advocacy work to operate at the forefront of political circles. 

What Kinds of Issues Will MCAN Work On? 

During 2024, MCAN volunteers will have the autonomy to identify the issues they and their teams want to work on. The following issues are likely to generate interest among our volunteers, but we imagine that others may also come up.  

  • Free Speech and the Right To Protest: Campuses across the United States are cracking down on pro-Palestinian protests. MCAN volunteers will be able to advocate for students’ free speech rights and the right to protest, including for pro-Palestinian protesters. This will take place at the state level through legislation, universities, and colleges.  
  • 2024 Elections: 2024 is a federal election year with several races on the ballot at the state and local levels as well. MCAN volunteers will engage with Get Out the Vote efforts, training around why these elections matter, and support community members with hosting ballot parties where they can discuss who they would like to vote for. 
  • Inclusive School Environments: Volunteers who are parents, or who are interested in educational issues, can work together to advocate for school practices that are more inclusive for Muslim students. This includes helping schools to implement reliable bullying/anti-hate curricula and the implementation of ethnic studies curricula that includes Muslim representation. Additionally, parents will be able to advocate for proactive inclusive practices, such as spreading awareness about Ramadan and fasting and creating more diverse school libraries.  

In addition to the topics described above, MCAN volunteers may identify other issues that are important to them and their teams. These could include criminal justice, hate crime reporting, immigration, and other areas.  

What Kinds of Activities Will MCAN Volunteers Engage In? 

MCAN volunteers will engage in a range of civic engagement activities, including: 

  • Attending and delivering civic engagement training on topics such as “How to build your team?” and “Who are my elected representatives?” 
  • Hosting listening session with masjid participants to understand issues important to the community. 
  • Meeting with your community’s representatives including City Council members and State and Federal elected officials. 
  • Hosting tables and events that encourage the community to vote and become civically engaged. 
  • Attending and delivering commentary at public meetings in support of Muslim issues. 

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Become a member of MCAN’s first Organizing Leadership CohortCAIR-LA is recruiting its first Muslim Community Action Network (MCAN) Organizing Leadership Cohort who will learn and work with CAIR-LA and a group of their peers June 2024 through August 2024.