CENSUS 2020: The Census Counts. So Do You

Every 10 years, the federal government is legally required to count every person living in the country, regardless of citizenship status, as part of the U.S. … Read More

Prepare for a Natural Disaster

The State of California is no stranger to the harsh reality of wildfire and other natural disasters. Far too often, the people and communities hit … Read More

Tell Congress your first amendment rights are non-negotiable

Congress is trying muzzle dissent by limiting your rights. Let Congress know your first amendment rights are non-negotiable. House Resolution 496 (H. Res. 496), introduced … Read More

Tell Congress to put pressure on China to end the Uighur Concentration Camps

According to the Department of Defense, as many as 3 million members of the Uighur Muslim community have been placed in concentration camps in the … Read More

Protect the California Values Act (SB 54)

The CA Values Act protects community members from federal abuses of power, limits racial profiling, and upholds our values of equality and justice. It helps … Read More

Stop CVE in LA

After Protest from CAIR-LA and Civil Rights Allies, Los Angeles City Council Delays Decision to Accept CVE Funds (LOS ANGELES, CA – 7/3/2018) – Amid … Read More

Voter Registration and Engagement

We launched our voter registration and engagement campaign towards the end of 2017. The focus of the campaign is on Muslims, minorities, women, and youth, … Read More

Empowering Muslim Youth

Through our Leadership Development programs we focus on building a pipeline for Muslim youth to thrive and find success. With educational programs like the Muslim … Read More


Together, we raise our voices to say: No Muslim Ban Ever. The Muslim Ban is one of our most important campaigns, which we have been … Read More