U.S. Muslims Condemn Paris Terror Attack, Defend Free Speech

CAIR-LA condemned the Paris shooting attack that took place on Wednesday January 07, 2015 on the offices of the Frenchsatirical magazine Charile Hebdo and repeated its defense of freedom of speech.

Below is a list of media appearances CAIR-LA has made in local news outlets issuing the statement:


CAIR-LA ED on Free Speech Post-Charlie Hebdo
January 26 | PBS's 'Tavis Smiley'

CAIR-LA Rep Condems Paris Attack, Supports Free Speech
January 20 | CKUT

SoCal Muslims: Islamic Terrorists don't Understand Religion
January 17 | Our Weekly

Muslim in SoCal Condemn Paris Attack that Killed 12
January 07 | LA Daily News

CAIR-LA Rep says Nothing Justifies Attacks on Innocent People
January 07 | ABC 7

CAIR-LA Condemns Paris Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack
January 07 | NBC 4

Are All Muslims Terrorists?
January 07 | KOGO 600 AM

CAIR-LA and MPAC Tell FOX's Bill O' Reilly Muslims are Working to Counter Violent Extremism
January 08 | FOX

CAIR-LA Director Says Terror Attacks, Not Cartoons Offend Islam
January 08 | NBC 4

CAIR Condemns al Qaeda Attack in France as CAIR-LA to Warn Locals About "Crisis of ISIS"
January 08 | OC Weekly