Faran Kharal

Senior Development Representative

Faran joined CAIR-LA as the Senior Development Representative in March 2019. He serves the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley and Ventura County communities. Kharal firmly believes in a servant-leadership model and hopes his passion for civil rights and human rights will engage and mobilize the greater Los Angeles Muslim community. Faran graduated from UC Riverside with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He served as president of the Muslim Student Association at UCR and spent his time volunteering with Islamic Relief USA. After graduation, he joined IRUSA as a staff member and fundraiser for the organization’s US Programs and Disaster Response team. During his time at IRUSA, he travelled throughout the U.S. and was on site during Hurricane Mathew, Hurricane Harvey and the August 2016 Louisiana floods. Faran currently serves as the Youth Director at the West Coast Islamic Society and the Islamic Society of West Valley. In 2018, Kharal became an advisor at the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR) California’s MYLP and MGN program. He saw that CAIR was benefitting in the community to empower the youth to take on the challenges we are facing.