On August 30, 2018, Christina Ignatius, a licensed California attorney posted a racist tirade against Asians in Orange County. Her sentiments do not reflect the values of Orange County’s diverse community and our belief that all people, regardless of their ethnic origin, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

Orange County has seen massive demographic shifts and is now home to the 3rd largest Asian American population in the country. Asian Americans make up more than 20% of Orange County’s population and have recently celebrated a breakthrough in AAPI representation with the Hollywood film Crazy Rich Asians, which depicts the first Hollywood film in 25 years with an all-Asian cast.
In response to the momentum of Crazy Rich Asians, Ignatius articulated many shocking and offensive statements about the Asian community and included references to local schools and institutions frequented by Asians within the county.

As members of Orange County’s legal, business, academic and non-profit communities, we condemn the kind of racist unapologetic behavior displayed by this individual and her intent to degrade a whole community of diverse peoples. We stand in solidarity to claim that we will not tolerate any display of racism here in our county and that Christina Ignatius does not represent our Orange County community.