History teaches that grave threats to liberty often come in times of urgency, when constitutional rights seem too extravagant to endure. When we allow fundamental freedoms to be sacrificed in the name of real or perceived exigency, we invariably come to regret it.” – Justice Thurgood Marshall

These poignant words of the nation’s first African American Supreme Court Justice serve as a stark reminder that the time is ripe for us all to redouble our efforts to prevent corrosive forces from corrupting our democracy. American Muslims are currently in the crosshairs of an administration seeking to channel, manipulate, and weaponize religious prejudice and animosity to distract from other important issues and advance its political interests.

In response, CAIR-California’s (CAIR-CA) civil rights staff works tirelessly to assist the American Muslim community as first responders against institutionalized and individual hate and animosity. In 2017, our offices conducted 2,259 legal intakes with community members, providing grassroots organizing, advocacy, and direct legal services to redress violations of civil rights. With the addition of new Immigrants’ Rights programs to the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento Valley chapters, all CAIR-CA offices now provide robust immigration representation on matters including naturalization, adjustment of status, and asylum.

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