Ramadan Campaign

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Amplify Your Ramadan Giving:

Help the People of Palestine Today

From influencing U.S. policies that impact Palestine, to providing free legal services to those seeking refuge, to combatting Islamophobia and protecting the rights of Muslims here at home, your generosity supports CAIR-LA’s efforts to help those in need.

Elevating Your Spirituality Through Advocacy

Join renowned journalist and motivational speaker Sami Hamdi in giving to a timely and relevant cause.

Palestine Advocacy

CAIR-LA is dedicated and 100% committed to helping the people of Palestine. Here are some ways we are working to make a difference:

  • Bullet Image Serving as the voice of truth and ensuring that the narrative of Palestine reaches the mainstream media
  • Bullet Image Representing American families stranded in Gaza and pressuring our government to bring them home
  • Bullet Image Responding to an unprecedented increase in discrimination cases targeting Muslim and Palestinian students and employees
  • Bullet Image Mobilizing the community to call for a permanent ceasefire and bring an end to the genocide
  • Bullet Image Educating the community on what is going on and how they can help by providing resources and hosting events to activate change

Protecting Your Rights

CAIR-LA has helped protect the rights of 30,000 Muslims since its founding in cases involving hate crimes/incidents, bullying, attacks on college campuses, cyber harassment/doxxing, free speech violations, employment discrimination, and more. Our civil rights team also works to proactively address issues faced by our community through training and education, advocacy efforts, and research and data analysis.

Zakat & Tax Eligibility

Donations to CAIR-LA qualify for zakat and are tax-deductible (Tax ID: 77-0411194).

Your zakat will fund:

  • Bullet Image Civil rights and immigration work, exclusively for the underserved.
  • Bullet Image Policy, advocacy, and government relations work towards the enactment of laws that protect Muslims

Your zakat will not fund:

  • Bullet Image Fundraising
  • Bullet Image Mail & Marketing
  • Bullet Image Supplies
  • Bullet Image Banquets
  • Bullet Image Processing Fees
  • Bullet Image Office Rent

“As an organization dedicated to serving the cause of Islam and defending the rights of American Muslims, CAIR-LA is indeed eligible to receive Zakat funds for its programs and services.”

– Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi