September 21, 2021
Know the facts and know your rights

Following the collapse of the former Afghan government last month, tens of thousands of Afghans fled the country, with thousands arriving in the United States. CAIR has released the following guides to help ensure that Afghans know their rights when dealing with law enforcement, when targeted by hate crimes, when travelling, and in school and the workplace.

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CAIR ‘Know Your Rights’ Guides in Dari:

CAIR ‘Know Your Rights’ Guides in Pashto:

To learn more about your rights as an Afghan and a Muslim in the United States, tune in to a Facebook Live session on Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 6 p.m. PST with CAIR-LA’s Civil Rights Attorneys Amr Shabaik, Esq., and Dina Chehata, Esq.

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