March 18, 2019

As the details of the horrific mass shooting at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, continue to develop, we urge all of our community members to be vigilant, especially while attending Friday prayers and for mosques and centers to take increased security precautions.

The horrific active shooter scenario at a mosque is something we all pray never happens – and there is no active intelligence that there is any immediate threat in the U.S. But we cannot be complacent. CAIR-LA urges mosques and worshippers to take the following steps before Jummah:
1. The community should not panic. Mosque leaders should encourage calmness along with caution.
2. Notify your mosque leadership and have them raise awareness and be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior. Report to law enforcement.
3. Contact your local law enforcement and ask for increased patrols. Explain what has happened.
4. Have a couple of brothers volunteer and just greet people outside the masjid and keep an eye out.

CAIR is urging all houses of worship to take extra security precautions using its “Best Practices for Mosque and Community Safety” booklet. The advice in CAIR’s security publication is applicable to religious institutions of all faiths.

“American Muslims share the same values and freedoms that we all cherish, knowing that we are all in this together,” said CAIR spokesperson Arsalan Bukhari. “All Americans deserve the right and freedom to worship in their own way, free of threats or violence.”

A hard copy of the booklet may be requested HERE.

It may also be viewed at: