Nagh Salamah was happily married for almost 20 years when his wife tragically passed away giving birth to his youngest child, Adam. Adam is now 3 years old.

Towards the end of last year, Nagh visited Palestine and there, he met someone special – Ola. They got engaged and soon thereafter, married. Since he is a US citizen, Nagh came to our office on December 31, 2019 asking us for assistance to petition for a relative – his new wife.

The newlywed couple had very little evidence showing that they had a strong marital relationship since they had met and married within just 3 months. But since Ola and Nagh were adults with children from previous marriages, they knew exactly who they were and what they wanted in a life partner.

Moreover, each of them have professional ambitions. Nagh is currently pursuing his master’s degree while Ola was an accomplished elementary school principal in Palestine. CAIR-LA’s Immigrants’ Rights Center (IRC) worked diligently with Nagh to get evidence showing he is truly in love with Ola, regardless of the small amount of time they had spent prior to submitting the petition.

IRC submitted the petition on January 31, 2020. Generally, an I-130 petition for an alien relative takes 1 year at a minimum. Despite the COVID pandemic which had caused some delays for USCIS processing times, Nagh’s petition for his wife was approved in just 8 months, in September of 2020!

Nagh and Ola are now able to start their life together in the United States with a secure legal status.

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