April 8, 2020

Difficult times can inspire us to provide service and inspiration to those who are in need. During this global pandemic, several “ordinary” people have stepped outside of their everyday lives to become a hero to someone else.

Thanks to a partnership with the Boukai Family Foundation, CAIR-LA is pleased to announce the creation of an award to recognize individuals and groups – living or working in the Southern California area – who have made outstanding contributions during this time of distress.

The Everyday Hero Award recognizes people who follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad (PBH) being sent as a Mercy to Mankind.

Recipients of this award possess one or more of the following qualities:

  • Caring for needy and ill individuals
  • Compassion and timeless support for the elderly
  • Extending a hand to the less fortunate
  • Providing crucial information, guidance and aiding others during these difficult times
  • Finding solutions, cures and ideas that benefit the well-being of our fellow neighbors
  • Offering a positive and inspiring atmosphere during times of crisis

In recognition of their contributions, recipients will receive a $500 award.

To nominate someone, fill out the online nomination form: https://bit.ly/cairlaeverydayheroes

Or you can email CAIR-LA Policy & Advocacy Coordinator Shaheen Nassar at snassar@cair.com or call 714.776.1847, Ext. 222.