December 28, 2023
Hussam Palestine

Palestine Advocacy 

CAIR-LA fiercely stood in support of and advocated for the people of Palestine through: 

  • Hosting Palestine education and advocacy workshops, teach-ins, and webinars 
  • Advocating at the city, county, and state level for support for the Ceasefire Now Resolution (HR 786) 
  • Sponsoring protests in support of Palestine  
  • Mobilizing the community to call for a ceasefire 
  • Providing legal help for 124 Palestine-related civil rights cases 
  • Assisting American citizens trapped in Gaza 
  • Creating a Palestine Resource Guide to empower the community to take action

Client Success Story: From Siege to Safety

Kaoud Family at CAIR-LA Press Conference

A Palestinian-American family contacted CAIR-LA for help getting six of their family members back home after they were trapped in Gaza amidst Israel’s ongoing, violent attacks. Despite being American citizens, Jamal, Esam, Hesham, Nezam, Mohammad, and Ameer faced extreme hardship in their attempts to leave Gaza. As the U.S. State Department fell short in providing help or answers, Jamal Kaoud’s daughters, Shamiss and Dooneya, and Esam Kaoud’s daughter, Helal, turned to CAIR-LA and similar organizations for help. After weeks of uncertainty and tireless advocacy, all six of the men were able to leave Gaza safely and reunite with their families. CAIR-LA’s advocacy efforts were instrumental in helping the Kaoud brothers return home. 


Successfully advocated for and passed three bills: 

  • Protecting Religious Rights in Carceral Facilities 
  • Recognizing Cultural and Religious Diversity in the Workplace 
  • Recognizing Cultural and Religious Diversity in School 

CAIR-LA was invited to accept proclamations recognizing August 2023 as American Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month from cities and counties across the Greater Los Angeles area: 

  • Anaheim 
  • Corona 
  • Fullerton 
  • Irvine 
  • Yorba Linda 
  • County of Orange

Civil Rights: 529 intakes (+50% from 2022) 

Provided free legal services for cases involving:  

  • Hate crimes & hate incidents  
  • K-12 bullying 
  • Attacks on college campuses 
  • Cyber harassment & doxxing 
  • Free speech violations 
  • Employment discrimination  
  • & more 

Client Success Story: Taking a Stand

Jana Abulaban was selected by El Camino College’s (ECC) Commencement Committee to speak at her graduation ceremony. During her speech, she dedicated her graduation to all “Palestinians who have lost their lives and those who continue to lose their lives every day due to the oppressive apartheid state of Israel killing and torturing Palestinians as we speak.” After this, she was wrongly attacked on social media and other platforms, and EEC gave a public statement that furthered the false and hateful campaign against her. CAIR-LA advocated for Jana by informing the school of the harm their actions caused and working to ensure that no retaliatory actions were taken against her. She was able to finish her post-graduation tasks and presentation. 

Immigration: 925 intakes

Provided free legal services to immigrants from: 

  • Afghanistan 
  • Iran 
  • Yemen 
  • Egypt 
  • Palestine 
  • China 
  • Ethiopia 
  • Mexico 
  • Nigeria & many more 

Client Success Story: Seeking Refuge

An Afghan doctor was evacuated with her husband and daughter by the U.S. government in 2021 after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. She was providing essential health care to Afghan women, but feared harm to herself and her family because she was a female doctor and believed in equal rights for women and girls to pursue an education and career. Our Immigrants’ Rights Center helped her, and her family apply for asylum, and she was approved in May 2023. She has expressed gratitude for CAIR-LA’s assistance in ensuring her family’s safety and no longer has to live in fear of persecution. 

Thank you for your support in 2023! 

2023 was filled with hardships and immense adversity for the global Muslim community, but thanks to your heartfelt support, CAIR-LA was able to bring about change with unwavering determination.  

Before the year ends, do your part to help us continue fighting for the rights, justice, and safety of American Muslims.  

All those who give $250 or more will receive an exclusive Palestine shirt designed by CAIR-LA!
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