March 22, 2024
CAIR Wins Supreme Court Watchlist Case in 9-0 Decision

Earlier this week, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a unanimous (9-0) ruling to allow CAIR’s lawsuit challenging the federal No Fly List on behalf of its client Yonas Fikre to move forward in a historic milestone for Muslims!

Fikre is an American Muslim who was unlawfully placed on the U.S. federal No Fly List and pressured to become an informant. The government removed his name from the list after CAIR filed suit and argued that the case was moot and should be dismissed. The government’s actions were an attempt to avoid accountability and to evade Fikre’s legal challenge to the unconstitutional No Fly List. 

For the first time ever, CAIR’s legal team argued in front of the highest federal court. The Supreme Court’s ruling denied the U.S. government’s attempts to get the lawsuit thrown out.

This Supreme Court decision is a significant victory—the ruling opens the door for CAIR to continue to challenge the unjust practices against American Muslims and is one step closer to overturning the discriminatory and unconstitutional No Fly List.

CAIR-LA Addresses Discrimination at the Airport

CAIR-LA represented a local community member who faced intrusive and inappropriate questioning about money laundering and his religious affiliations and practices after returning home through LAX after an international trip. After being singled out and humiliated, the community member was also approached by an FBI agent after his travels.

CAIR-LA filed a traveler redress on his behalf and filed several Freedom of Information Act requests to various governmental agencies, which resulted in the Department of Homeland Security correcting their records on the community member. The community member has not had any extensive travel issues since the last incidents and has not been bothered by any more FBI agents. 

At CAIR-LA, our Civil Rights team works to protect and defend the rights of American Muslims facing discrimination and hostility, including challenges while traveling. Support us in the fight for justice and help make a difference in our community!

If you or someone you know is experiencing issues while traveling, contact our Civil Rights department at (714) 776-1177 or click here.