November 17, 2022

Being Muslim at an airport is often associated with long delays, “random” searches by custom officers, and the dreaded SSSS. Recently, a Muslim businessman with a history of issues while traveling was singled out by security, humiliated in front of passengers, and asked invasive questions about being Muslim. He also faced FBI questioning after his long trip. 

Thankfully, this community member contacted CAIR-LA’s civil rights team. Our attorneys filed a complaint on his behalf and stepped in to represent him in any future interactions with the FBI.  

CAIR-LA’s attorneys resolved the community member’s travel issues and corrected government records that misidentified him. He no longer has to worry about those delays, pat downs, or interrogations by officers at the airport.  

“The singling out of Muslims at airports continues to put our community in uncomfortable and humiliating experiences,” said CAIR-LA Civil Rights Managing Attorney Amr Shabaik. “Our community members should not have to worry about missing their flight, feeling humiliated, or hiding their religious beliefs to avoid excess security checks. We have had success in resolving these issues and with your support will continue to fight against discrimination, racial profiling, and Islamophobia in airports.” 

Invest in the rights of the Muslim community by donating what you can, so that CAIR-LA can expand its civil rights services to other businessmen, community leaders, and other Muslims that are experiencing travel issues because of their faith or ethnicity.  


If you need help fighting discrimination or protecting your civil rights, please complete this form or contact CAIR-LA’s Civil Rights Department at (714) 776-1177 (#2).  Stay informed about your rights while traveling.