October 30, 2020

Early voting is in full swing in California! Each of you, if you were registered to vote, should have already received a mail-in ballot.

So now it’s up to us: we need to voice the change we wish to see. After the gut-wrenching four years we have had, it is crucial for us to participate in the elections and have an impact on public offices and propositions on the ballot.

Same Day Registration: You can still register to vote if eligible. The Early Voting webpage shows where you will need to go. In these cases, your ballot will still be counted.

Vote in Person on or Before Election Day

Find your drop-box or polling location or text Vote to GOVOTE (468683).

You Can Return Your Ballot By

Returning it in-person to a polling place, official ballot drop box or the county elections’ office:
Vote-by-mail ballots that are personally delivered must be delivered no later than the close of polls at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Authorizing someone to return the ballot on your behalf. Anyone may return your ballot for you, as long as they do not get paid on a per ballot basis. In order for your ballot to be counted, you must fill out the authorization section found on the outside of your ballot envelope.

Mailing it to your county elections office:
Vote-by-mail ballots that are mailed must be postmarked on or before November 3 and received by your county elections office no later than November 20. We recommend that at this point – if possible – you personally deliver your ballot to a dropbox or other official site as described above to ensure your vote is counted.

Sent your ballot in and wondering where it is? Track it here.

Know Your Voting Rights

The Voting Rights Act permits you to bring up to two people to help you vote in person, as long as they do not represent your employer or your union. Bring a family member or friend. If you do not have someone to come with you, you can ask for help from the election staff at your polling place. If you need additional help, please refer to the following hotlines:

CAIR-LA: 714-776-1177
Arabic/English: 844-YALLA-US
Asian Languages/English: 888-API-VOTE
Spanish: (800) 232-VOTA (8682)

You do not need an ID to vote in California unless you registered online or by mail, did not provide your social security number or driver’s license, and it is your first time voting.

You are not required to vote on everything on the ballot to be able to vote.
If you are told you are not on the voting rolls or there are any other challenges to your right to vote, ask for a provisional ballot. Do not leave the polling location without voting.

Finally, if you have a complaint or other incident to report, please refer to our reporting forms for:

Confused About What Is on Your Ballot?

We have developed an online resource for voters including voter education events as well as a statewide voter guide. It contains a congressional scorecard, a state legislative scorecard, and a statewide proposition guide. See our local measures guide for recommendations on the measures in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The voter guides serve to empower voters on issues that impact them and assist them in making decisions at the polls.

Wondering Who to Vote For?  

As a 501c(3) organization, CAIR-CA cannot endorse any candidates. We did hold virtual candidate forums for races in Orange, Ventura and Riverside counties. These events provided voters with the opportunity to hear from candidates who will serve their community so they can make better-informed decisions and if you missed them, you can view the recordings.

There are plenty of resources available to you, and if you have the privilege to vote, it is time to participate in your democracy. You have a say in the political process. Be a force against oppression and fight for justice.

Remember, if you encounter any hate crimes or discrimination, you and your loved ones can contact CAIR-LA’s legal team for assistance by filing an incident report online or by calling our office at 714.776.1177.

As always, Jazaka’Allah khair for your support during this incredibly busy and important time for our community and country.