Before the coronavirus pandemic consumed the world, a physician and friend of Fauzia Rizvi warned about a shortage of PPE equipment at an area hospital. Rizvi and her business partner Yousuf Bhaghani sprang into action.

“I sent a text message to a few of my close friends and community members and most of them knew how to sew and they answered the call and 15,000 masks later we have not stopped,” Fauzia said.

Fauzia and Yousuf are co-founders of For The People, a Corona-based nonprofit that offers a variety of charity services throughout the Inland Empire. Masks are available to anyone who needs them.

“I wanted to highlight this project from the Muslim women volunteers who keep on making these hand sewn masks for the most-needy in the community as well as the health heroes,” said Fauzia, the only woman elected to the executive board of the Islamic Society of Corona-Norco.

In addition to the masks, For The People provides unlimited amounts of free food and supplies to numerous pantries in the Inland Empire. It also feeds healthcare workers and individuals who recently lost their jobs.

For their efforts, CAIR-LA and the Boukai Family Foundation recognize Fauzia and Yousuf with the Everyday Heroes award, saluting the work and deeds of Southern Californians during these challenging times. Thanks to the Boukai Family Foundation, recipients receive $500.

Each week, CAIR-LA and the Boukai Family Foundation are recognizing the contributions of everyday people in Southern California making heroic efforts during coronavirus pandemic. To nominate someone for recognition, visit