April 30, 2020

His daily mission is to help the homeless. Walking the streets of several Orange County cities, Michael Sean Wright administers whatever doses of treatment and goodwill to the less fortunate.

For his efforts, CAIR-LA and the Boukai Family Foundation are recognizing Michael with the Everyday Heroes award, saluting the work and deeds of Southern Californians during these challenging times. Thanks to the Boukai Family Foundation, recipients receive $500.

Michael frequently delivers much-needed supplies and sometimes dresses wounds. He started performing these acts of humanity and kindness long before the coronavirus pandemic hit, and he continues to do so despite the risks and chances he could contract the sometimes-deadly virus. He wears plenty of personal protective equipment and gloves on his routes.

In addition, the Santa Ana resident serves as an activist for the homeless, constantly voicing the need for shelter for those sleeping on the streets.

“We are currently triaging a collapsing food bank network system in Orange County,” Michael said of some of his current work. “Due to the reduction in available beds at shelters and the tremendous needs of so many during this pandemic, we are focused on the most vulnerable of the vulnerable.”

Helping the most vulnerable is personal with him.

“That’s somebody’s brother. That’s somebody’s sister. In some cases, that’s somebody’s mom or dad. We’re better than this,” Michael told the Spectrum News1 network recently.

Each week, CAIR-LA is highlighting the contributions of everyday people in Southern California making heroic efforts during coronavirus pandemic. To nominate someone for recognition, visit bit.ly/socaleverydayheroes