November 2, 2023
Help Save the Children of Gaza

In these trying times, our commitment to justice, fairness, and equality is stronger than ever. The past few weeks have been a stark reminder of the moral bankruptcy displayed by our government and many elected officials, as they endorsed the brutal Israeli assault and collective punishment on the residents of Gaza. The double standards, biased narratives, and media misinformation have dehumanized Palestinians and created a dangerous environment for Muslims in the United States. Hate crimes against Muslims are on the rise, and the flames of intolerance are spreading like wildfire. 

CAIR-LA will not stand idly by. We are acting against this injustice by organizing protests, holding teach-in sessions to inform our community, contacting almost every single elected official in Southern California to educate them about the context of this violence and to challenge any bias, and protecting the rights of our community, especially students at schools and colleges. CAIR-LA has held dozens of media interviews and engagements to educate the public about the injustices that the people of Palestine have been enduring for 75 long years under Israel’s occupation and its brutal apartheid system.  Most recently, CAIR-LA hosted a press conference advocating for the safe return of Palestinian Americans currently trapped in Gaza.

To empower our community, our team has created a Palestine Resource Guide, which provides information on how to best advocate for justice and freedom in Palestine, challenge biased statements issued by government officials and school boards that further dehumanize Palestinians and promote Islamophobia, and an action alert for a ceasefire to stop the mass murder in Gaza. 

We are far from finished. We are committed to challenging the Israeli narrative that blames Palestinians for their suffering. Please support our Palestine Advocacy Appeal, to help us expand our reach and our efforts, and make a greater impact. Our top priority now is to help stop the bloodshed in Gaza. With your support, we aim to mobilize the public to ask Congress to support the Ceasefire Now Resolution, championed by Representatives Rashida Tlaib, Andre Carson, Summer Lee, Cori Bush, and others. 

Your contributions will help fund the production of important educational materials and a strategic digital marketing campaign on social media platforms. With your support, we can reach more people, raise awareness, and advocate for justice on a larger scale. We want to reach over one million people in California to educate them and mobilize them. We can do it, but we need your support. Please help us raise $30,000 for this crucial life-saving campaign. Every $250 we spend will help us reach nearly 10,000 people. 
If you are ready to make a one-time donation to help CAIR-LA reclaim our narrative, please click here or call (714) 776-1847

For any questions or guidance on how to further support our community during these challenging times, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (714) 776-1847. 

With profound gratitude for your support, 

Hussam Ayloush, M.B.A. 
CAIR-LA Executive Director 

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Watch: Hussam Ayloush Responds To Dehumanization of Palestinian People