Our privacy rights are  slowly disappearing each day. Women still continue to make less than their male counterparts for the same work. Rising tuition is making a college education harder to afford and to maintain. 

We cannot remain silent and permit the status quo to persist.  If we want to improve the state of human rights and civil rights in California, then our legislators need to hear from us all. We must take our concerns to the Capitol. 

For the past three years, YOUR advocacy efforts whilst participating in CAIR-CA's Muslim Day at the Capitol have helped pass laws to limit NSA activitystrengthen labor protections for  domestic workers and specify religious accommodation for employees.  YOU made this happen.

Change doesn’t end here. Take a look at our agenda this year and get on the bus with us to join us  for the the 4th Annual Muslim Day at the Capitol, on Monday, April 27th in Sacramento. Register today at caircapitolday.com. 


Muslim Day at the Capitol 2015 Legislative Agenda


SB 178- Electronic Communication Privacy Act (CalECPA)

It is time to safeguard Californians’ electronic information and support innovation and the digital economy by updating California’s privacy laws to match the modern digital world. 

This bill will provide protection against warrantless government access to mobile devices, sensitive emails, text messages, digital documents, metadata, and location information by placing measures that will require police to go to a judge and obtain a warrant before they can access sensitive digital information. 


SB 358- California Fair Pay Act

In 2013, a woman in California working full-time earned a median 84 cents to every dollar a man earned. As a group, women who are employed full time in California lose approximately $33,650,294,544 every year due to the wage gap. Equal pay for equal work is not just  right for California women, it is also right for our economy and for California. 


AB 42- Higher Education Tuition Freeze Bill

The cost of college has increased twelvefold over the past three decades in the United States. California's public universities have enacted the highest average tuition of any state. In 2012, California voters passes Proposition 30, the “Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012,” with the promise that tax increases would be used for higher education.

Despite a growing state economy and no fiscal cliff, California’s higher education systems are increasing tuition. This bill would require California Community Colleges and CSUs, and request the UCs, to freeze tuition and fees while Proposition 30 is in effect. These mandatory system-wide fees will be set at 2014-2015. 

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