MDAC 2022

Muslim Day at the Capitol (MDAC) is happening soon! From May 16May 20, participants will be virtually meeting with assembly members and state legislators to discuss issues that directly affect their communities. The bills that will be addressed during this year’s MDAC event are outlined below.


AB 1947: Freedom from Hate Crimes Act – Support 

  • The bill will mandate that every law enforcement agency adopts better documentation and policies to guide officers in their response to suspected hate crimes. The bill does not mandate more policing or increase penalties for crimes.  

AB 2549: Ending Street Harassment – Support 

  • This bill would create a public health approach to prevent the street harassment of women and other vulnerable communities in California. The Bill would also create a multi-year statewide public education campaign about street harassment, study street harassment as a public health issue and define street harassment within a public health, not criminal, context.  

SB 1161: Public Transit Ridership Safety – Support 

  • This measure will require California’s 10 largest transit districts to gather research on street harassment of women and other vulnerable communities and to develop data-driven initiatives to help prevent street harassment on public transit systems.  


AB 1766: California IDs for All – Support 

  • This bill will expand access to all in obtaining a California ID, regardless of immigration status.  


SB 1038: Prohibition of Biometric Surveillance by Law Enforcement – Support 

  • This bill would indefinitely extend the prohibition of a law enforcement agency or law enforcement officer from installing, activating, or using any biometric surveillance system in connection with an officer camera or data collected by an officer camera.  

Click here to view the scheduled legislative meetings. 

Deadline to register is May 11, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.