Today, a group of organizations serving the Muslim community filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Trump v. IRAP which argues that the Trump Administration’s Muslim Ban is discriminatory, has stoked fears in the Muslim community and contributes to a climate of distrust towards American Muslims.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations – California (CAIR-CA) is joined in the brief by the Muslim Justice League and the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

The brief, which was prepared by the law firm of Manatt Phelps & Phillips, argues the Muslim Ban executive order at issue in the Trump v. IRAP Supreme Court case violates the Establishment Clause by targeting immigrants from six Muslim-majority countries and creates a policy that discriminates on the basis of religion which violates the United States Constitution.

The amicus brief specifically notes:

  • This ban violates First Amendment rights under the United States Establishment Clause by targeting countries and people based on their religious beliefs.
  • This unconstitutional ban has irreparably harmed the Muslim-American community by ripping families apart, bolstering harmful and offensive stereotypes, and sewing a deep and unjustified distrust of the Muslim community in America
  • This ban does nothing to make the United States safer and there is no immediate security need that justifies this ban – rather, the only common thread between those affected is their faith.

CAIR-CA is also part of the #NoMuslimBanEver campaign, a grassroots awareness and mobilization effort focused on the resistance against the Muslim ban. The organization’s offices will be organizing vigils and rallies in multiple locations to align with the scheduled October 10 oral arguments at the Supreme Court.

“We are simply advocating for the dignity and fair treatment of the Muslim community throughout the United States,” said Brittney Rezaei, an attorney at CAIR-CA’s San Francisco Bay Area office. “This discriminatory and unconstitutional travel ban has caused irreparable and unnecessary harm to Muslim communities across the country – we cannot let it stand,” she added.