Assalaamu Alaikum,

There was a devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon on Aug. 4, with more than 100 people killed and more than 5,000 wounded.

Our hearts at CAIR-LA are with all of those and their families affected.

In a statement, CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush said:

“This is very personal to me. This is the city where I was born and where I lived my childhood. It is a city and a people that I love dearly. These are my friends and relatives who are suffering. My mom, my brother, and my nephew had just passed near that destroyed area a short while before the explosion, on their way back home. All people deserve to live in peace, safety, and dignity. I pray that the coming days will bring comfort to the families of those killed and the thousands who were wounded.” 

Our Prayers and Sincere Condolences Go Out to the People of Lebanon.

To aid in this moment of crisis, we have included a list of organizations working in Lebanon in need of donations:

May God’s peace and blessings be with you.