April 3, 2022

Muslim Day at the Capitol, taking place May 16-20, is fast approaching. Have you registered yet?

If you are still debating whether you should attend, we’ve got five reasons why you should absolutely show up!

1. MDAC is a space where the Muslim community can demonstrate political power and will.

Harnessing the diverse voices of hundreds of Muslims to proactively address issues of economic justice, racial justice, housing, and immigration, ensures our concerns are incorporated within the State of California.

2. This is the 11th Anniversary of MDAC.

Over the past 11 years, the Muslim community through MDAC has successfully pushed legislators on key issues from housing justice and immigrant rights to police reform and education access policies.

3. MDAC is the State’s largest Muslim civic engagement program.

MDAC is an opportunity for the community to unite in advocating on the urgent issues that affect the state of California. What happens in California sets the tone for greater political consciousness and organizing by Muslims around the country.

4. MDAC provides an opportunity to put our faith into action.

Our faith teaches us that righteousness is in the practice of serving our community. This year being so tough on so many in our community, MDAC serves as an opportunity to demonstrate how we can use our faith to advocate on important issues like hate crime, immigration, and law enforcement.

5. MDAC is a virtual program.

In years past, MDAC was a full day of legislative meetings, townhalls, and press conferences that required travel to Sacramento. This year again, we have transformed the program to accommodate the challenges of the pandemic to create a virtual program dedicated to advocacy, organizing, and education.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be an advocate for your community.


Here’s our last training video!

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