November 5, 2020

Assalaamu Alaykum,

Leading into Election Day, the past few months were a whirlwind of emotions.

Usually, by this time, a winner of the Presidential election has been decided. But in a year of uncertainty, ballots are still being counted across the nation – many of which were cast by American Muslim voters.

An exit poll of nearly 1,000 registered American Muslim households indicated a high Muslim turnout with 84% reporting that they voted in the election.

69% voted for former Vice President Joe Biden and 17% voted for President Donald Trump.

No matter who voters cast their ballots for, it is crucial that every vote is counted.

We continue to wait for the results of a historic election that saw a record number of voters. The results could come in the next few days, if not longer.

However, we will not need to wait to celebrate our community’s efforts and support.

At CAIR-LA, we believe civic engagement happens year-round. Our 2020 election work was an extension of what we were already doing.

Our campaign theme, Demand Change. Vote!, was informed by the urgency of American Muslim participation in all of the various races on the ballot this year, from the presidential race down to local city measures.

For many months now, we have sought to mobilize American Muslims toward meaningful participation in the election cycle.

We did this work with an aim towards building community awareness around the importance of voting and civic engagement and providing the information needed in order to take part in local, state, and federal elections effectively and safely.

Thanks to your generous support, our staff was able to:

  • Host 3 candidate forums and a ballot party in partnership with masajid and various organizations to connect local candidates to Muslim voters so they could share their platforms and answer questions
  • Work with masajid and Muslim-owned businesses across the Greater Los Angeles Area to ensure culturally competent, in-language access to voter education materials
  • Produce local and state voter guides, answering your questions about the various ballot measures and offering recommendations on them, to advance our civil rights and equity goals
  • Call and text message thousands of American Muslims to remind them to register to vote and answer their questions about voting

This work was accomplished with the four offices of CAIR-California, collectively over 50 staff, dedicated to protecting civil rights and our democracy.

It was accomplished in partnership with businesses, masajid, and community organizations who opened their doors and connected us with their customers and members.

Most importantly, it was accomplished because of Allah’s mercy and your continued support.

While we are anxious for the results to be known, we are also proud.

There is much to celebrate, from a historic voter turnout to pandemic-safe ways to participate, and even more Muslim candidates winning office – including locally.
Whatever the final election results will be, we know we will all rise to the occasion. 

Whether we need to push back against more unjust policies or advocate for the fulfillment of campaign promises, CAIR-CA is at the ready, able, and willing to continue to work towards long-term success.

Tomorrow, I invite you to join us for a national debrief call with MPower Change and CAIR leaders.

We will check in to make sense of the election and chart a path forward to ensure that our work is effective and that we can work together to organize to protect our community.






I want to make sure you are already planning to participate in our annual banquet on Saturday, November 7, at 6:30 p.m. We will gather virtually to reflect on our work and plan for the road ahead. We are excited to host Shaikh Suhaib Webb, Ustadha Ieasha Prime, Linda Sarsour, and Amer Zahr. They will offer insights and much-needed inspiration.


We look forward to presenting this exciting event that you and your loved ones can enjoy from the comfort of your home as we celebrate the work of CAIR-CA and share upcoming projects, services, and the political climate impacting our community.

We hope you will join us for an evening of motivational messages, connecting with the community and learning about the work of CAIR-CA.

Register at:

No matter what happens over the next two months until the inauguration, we are ready to address the challenges and work with our partners to protect the rights of all Americans.

Your financial support of any amount – whether it is $25, $50, $500 or $5,000 – will enable us to sustain and grow our work to defend our community, empower our youth, and advocate for a better region, state, and nation for all.

Jazaka’Allah khair for advocating, engaging, and voting.


Hussam Ayloush, MBA
Executive Director

P.S. There are a number of people protesting, advocating for every vote to be counted. Protesting is a part of civic engagement and if you are able, we encourage you to attend. As always, please make sure you know your rights and if you face any harassment or targeting, you can contact our legal team via our website.