This past year was an incredibly challenging year that affected all of us and our families. The CAIR-LA team was able to show up for our community members when it mattered most because we had YOU.

CAIR-LA is seeking your support to further promote justice and equality.

Your donations to CAIR-LA are zakat-eligible.


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Want to make a greater impact with your donation? Many corporations offer Matching Gifts programs that match your donations one-for-one or even double, tax-deductible contributions made by their employees. Additionally, if you volunteer with us, your company may also offer a volunteer grant program and hence double the impact! Find out if your company is eligible here!


These are charitable giving programs established by corporations in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations. When you contribute to a qualified educational, civic, cultural, health or youth organization, your company matches it dollar for dollar up to a certain amount, depending on the company’s policy. Examples of participating companies include Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, Verizon, Yahoo!


Want to leave behind a legacy? This program allows you the opportunity to sustain CAIR-LA’s future work and success. By including CAIR-LA in your will or trust, you are supporting our long-term civil rights work, even after your lifetime. For more information about bequests and estate planning, please email or call 714-776-1847.


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Car donation to CAIR-LA is easy!  Cars4Jannah picks up your vehicle at no charge and processes all DMV papers for you.  When you donate a car to CAIR, local experts will work to improve it, get the best sale price, and maximize your vehicle donation tax deduction.  Boat donations and even commercial vehicles are also welcome.



For more information, please email or call 714-776-1847.


Donations to CAIR-LA are Zakat eligible and tax-deductible.

As of April 19, 2021, the nisab amount is estimated to be $5,314.53.

(This figure may change daily depending on the market value of gold.)

Frequently asked questions

When can I pay my Zakat?
Zakat should be paid as soon as possible prior to or at the time you’ve earned the requisite amount of nisab each lunar year, or one year after you last paid it.
Tip: A good way to ensure zakat is paid in a timely fashion is to pay your zakat during Ramadan.
Who can receive zakat among relatives?
Zakat can be given to one’s brother, sister, nephew, niece, paternal or maternal uncle, paternal or maternal aunt, father-in-law, mother-in-law, step-grandfather, or step-grandmother provided they do not have nisab. According to some narrations, relatives have more rights on you.
Do I have to pay zakat on my home?
One does not have to pay zakat on a primary place of residence. if the house qualifies as a secondary residence that sometimes gets rented out, however zakat is due on its income after subtracting necessary expenses.
Do I have to pay zakat on my stocks?
Yes. You should use the current value on stocks.
I normally give a lot of money in charity throughout the year, do I still have to pay zakat?
Zakat must be paid with the intention of paying zakat. if one gives any other charity, it cannot be counted as zakat as they did not have the needed intention, thus you would still have to pay zakat.
Do I have to pay my zakat on jewelry?
Yes, on jewelry you do not regularly wear and that you own for investment purposes. 
What is the difference between zakat and Zakat Al-Fitr?
Zakat al-Mal (commonly called zakat) is due when a person’s wealth reaches the nisab amount and can be paid anytime during the year. Zakat al-Fitr is paid by the head of the household for each member of the family, before Eid al-Fitr prayer. Zakat al-Fitr is about 3 kilograms of wheat, rice or dates its equivalent in value, estimated at $7 in 2021.


Several scholars, including Sheikh Ahmad Kutty and Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, agree that CAIR-CA’s work is zakat-eligible because it collectively advances the services that are provided to the community, fi Sabilillah. However, there are other scholars with a more restrictive definition of zakat eligibility. To accommodate the vast range of religious opinions on this matter, CAIR-CA adheres to specific guidelines to ensure the strictest allocation of zakat funds.

Donors may designate their zakat funds to be allocated towards a specific area of work (e.g., Civic Engagement, Legal Services, and Youth Empowerment). Where a donor does not restrict their zakat donation, CAIR-CA will allocate those funds to programs and services which directly help protect the rights of Muslims. They will be allocated as follows:

  • Funds will be allocated to the Legal Department (Civil Rights & Immigration) and the Policy, Advocacy, Government Relations work. This consists of all expenses related to the departments (i.e., program costs, communications, salaries, benefits, management, etc.)
    • Justification:
      • Legal work provides direct services and programs to the community, especially for those with no financial means to receive it otherwise.
      • Policy, Advocacy, Government Relations work leads to the creation of laws that protect the rights of Muslims to freely practice their religion in America.
  • Funds will not be allocated toward:
    • Fundraising expenses (i.e. banquets, direct mail, etc.)
    • Administrative expenses (i.e. office rent, utilities, etc.)
  • Funds received between January 1st to December 31st will be allocated in the same year.

Civil rights

immigrant rights’ center

  • Helped 497 individuals gain asylum, citizenship, visas, and other benefits while defending others from deportation.
  • Obtained asylum status for a Muslim Myanmar national who fled his country due to religious persecution
  • Assisted an Ethiopian woman with cancer get a bone marrow transplant by obtaining a visa for her only viable match.

Civic engagement

youth empowerment


  • Conducted more than 50 interviews in 2020; CAIR-LA was mentioned more than 120 times on TV, radio, online, and print media to enhance understanding of Islam and Muslims.
  • Featured in Newsweek, LA Times, and local media channels KABC, KCBS, KNBC, and KCAL as a thought leader on civil rights issues.

We need your support to fulfill the following urgent community needs:

Immigration and Civil Rights:

  • Reach every eligible Syrian and Burmese resident eligible for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) or a TPS renewal so that they do not become undocumented or risk deportation
  • Help struggling community members with their asylum, citizenship, and visa applications
  • Assist community members with travel delays as domestic and international travel begins to resume in 2021
  • Protect community members from the impact of Islamophobia and bigotry at the workplace, in public, or at schools.

Policy & Advocacy:

  • Organize the largest, remote Muslim Advocacy week in the country in May 2021
  • Pass comprehensive racial justice and immigration reforms within Congress
  • COVID-19 Support and Programming
  • Organize food and vaccine information distribution events through July 31
  • Support 200 Muslim youth by facilitating several Zoom leadership development intensives.

Thanks to your support, we were able to defeat the Muslim Ban, serve more than 750 legal clients, empower over half a million Muslims to complete the census, and provide COVID-19 support to 20,000 community members. But our work is not over yet. We need you in this blessed month of Ramadan!