Foster Youth Leadership

Whether you have middle, high school, or college-age youth, CAIR-CA has programs to strengthen their leadership skills and harness their potential to be impactful members of society.

Our curriculum for youth leadership programs is rooted in faith. We support young American Muslims of all ages by building their confidence, investing in mentorship, and educating them on the fundamentals of leadership.

Foster youth leadership by supporting CAIR-CA’s youth programming today.

Defend Against Discrimination

The civil rights of American Muslims are frequently overlooked by the U.S. government and under attack from Islamophobic entities. It is crucial to fight for our rights to equality and protection that are unequivocally endowed to us by the Constitution.

CAIR-CA’s mission is to support our community and protect our rights from being infringed upon. Although our community has made important progress and reached major milestones in the last few years, we continue to face unlawful surveillance, religious discrimination, school bullying, hate crimes, and much more.

Supporting CAIR-CA means allowing us to continue our work combatting the issues that our community faces every day.

Defend the rights of the American Muslim community by donating to CAIR-CA today.

Build Political Power

CAIR-CA leads and facilitates community engagement with elected officials to ensure that laws at the federal, state, and local level are representative of the diverse Muslim community.

CAIR-CA builds Muslim political power by:

  • Advocating for laws that further the civil and immigrant rights of our community
  • Organizing Muslim Days at the Capitol at the State and Federal level
  • Organizing townhall and voter outreach at your masjid during every election cycle

Empower American Muslims today by supporting CAIR-CA’s political power-building work.

Give Zakat in Ramadan

“As a dedicated organization to defend the rights of Muslims and to promote better understanding of Islam, CAIR-CA is eligible to receive part of the Zakat funds for its programs and services.” - Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi

CAIR-CA is zakat-eligible. Give zakat to serve refugees and immigrants in need, defend against discrimination, foster youth leadership, and build political power that will empower American Muslims.