“Man Convicted of Killing Muslim Man Sentenced to Life in Prison”

SACRAMENTO — Jeffrey Caylor was sentenced Friday for the 2014 shooting death of Hassan Alawsi.

Alawsi was loading the trunk of his car on March 16, 2014, when Caylor pulled up behind him and shot him.

Caylor was escorted out of the courtroom mid-outburst before he could even hear his fate — life in prison without parole. He claimed he didn't get a fair trial and he wanted to represent himself.

The Council for American Islamic Relations held a news conference Friday, representing Alawsi's siblings who are currently in France. They were also joined by Alawsi's former colleagues and the foreperson of the jury that convicted Caylor.

"It was a hate crime and we just cannot let that stand," jury foreperson Kim Poppin said.

Caylor was never charged with a hate crime, though prosecutor Donnell Slivka told FOX40 she believes Caylor targeted Alawsi because he was from the Middle East — there just wasn't enough evidence to prove it.