Civil Rights

Our Ummah, Our Vote

CAIR-SV wants to encourage our community to engage with the pulic policy that affects them and vote. If you haven't registered to vote yet, or if you've moved since you last registered, now is the perfect time to register. CAIR-SV is partering with our other CAIR-CA office to get as many voters registered as we can in 2017 in preparation for the very important mid-term elections in 2018. Click here to register now!…

The Supreme Court’s Decision on the ‘Muslim Ban’

Dear community members and friends, On Monday the Supreme Court had made a decision on the pending 'Muslim Ban' cases. We understand there are many questions about what this means and how it impacts us. To those ends we have spent a large part of the morning reading the decision, …

Great News 

  As-salaamu alaykum,

Know Your Rights This Ramadan

      Asalamualaykum,      …

New CAIR Report Shows More than 50 Percent Spike in Anti-Muslim Incidents


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