Ask the California State Board of Education Members to Adopt the South Asian Histories for All (SAHFA) Coalition Proposed Edits to History Textbooks

"The currently proposed edits being considered by the State Board of Education do not provide an accurate representation of several marginalized identities within South Asian history,” said Saad Sweilem, CAIR-Sacramento Valley’s Civil Rights Coordinator.

The California State Board of Education Members will be voting on the final version of middle and high school history textbooks that will be adopted in the curriculum across California and will be in effect for up to 10 years, and likely adopted by other states across the United States.

The current version of the textbook has blatantly inaccurate representations of Muslims, Sikhs, and Dalits, put forth by the Hindu American Foundation, which is attempting to erase and rewrite the histories of our communities from history textbooks. If this version without our proposed edits is adopted, it will pave a path towards institutionalized Islamophobia and complete erasure of minority voices and experiences from our youth’s understanding of history.

Click here to read SAHFA’s the proposed changes.

SAHFA is an interfaith, multi-racial, inter-caste coalition of organizations and individuals from all over California formed in response to the HAF Alliance’s attempt to erase the facts about the injustices of caste and religious intolerance over the South Asian region’s long history from the educational frameworks being taught to students across the state.

SAHFA’s proposed changes will be heard by the State Board of Education on Thursday, July 14th at 9 AM.

The Board of Education members need encouragement from you to adopt these proposed changes to the history textbooks. Have your voice heard!

Write to California State Board of Education Members Immediately — Click here!