Take action to stop AB 1551 & AB 1552

Protect your right to free speech.


The California-Israel Commerce Protection Act, AB 1551, will require that California’s pension system divest itself from any companies that boycott Israel, whilst AB 1552 mandates that companies who wish to do business with the state government certify that they do not conduct boycotts against California's trading partners.

These bills are clearly designed to counter and undermine boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) efforts in support of Palestine.  If passed, this legislation will infringe on our ability to exercise our right to free speech.

Boycotts are quintessentially a form of free speech, allowing us to demonstrate against civil and human rights violations.  They have been revered in American history, with examples such as the Montgomery Bus boycott against segregation and the boycott of companies enabling South African apartheid.  They are an integral part of our political process and means by which to participate in our democracy.  In fact, boycotts have been recognized by the US Supreme Court as political speech that “occupies the highest rung of the hierarchy of First Amendment values.” 

To prevent its detrimental effects, it is critical that you take action. 

Click here to contact your state legislator today and request that they oppose AB 1551 and AB 1552.