Michelle Lee


Michelle Lee serves as the Director of Programs and Community Development for Northstar School, a PK-8th grade non-profit, independent, faith-based school in the Hayward, CA. Northstar’s dynamic curriculum integrates classical Islamic sciences with a first-rate academic program that aspires to nurture the “mind, body, and spirit” of its children. Michelle has a diverse role at Northstar, where she oversees co-curricular programs, cultivates enrichment programs, manages the fundraising for the school, and engages the community in the education of our youth.


Michelle has worked for two years a research associate for Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. She took a break to raise her two sons before working for seven years at Granada Islamic School as a computer science instructor & P.E. teacher. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science from Loyola Marymount University. In her spare time, Michelle stays actively involved in non-profit organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America and the Muslim Community Association of the Bay Area (MCA). Michelle loves working with young adults, the future of our communities. She strongly believes that a love of learning tied with a love of Deen will create a lasting foundation of success in our children. Michelle is married with two sons, and enjoys reading novels, hiking new trails, playing board games, eating with family and friends, and hitting the gym to keep the effects of her love of eating in check.