Sukaina Hussain

Central California Outreach Director

Sukaina Hussain serves as our Central California Outreach Director. She is a community advocate who has worked to build interfaith partnerships and worked for social justice for many years. She advocates for the well-being of all communities driven by her faith and Islamic values. She received her Masters in Public Health in 2014 and has used her background and skills to address systemic issues of injustice through program and policy development to improve the quality of life for our communities. This has helped to inform her past work as a community organizer with Faith in the Valley, Central Valley’s largest interfaith organization, by working to help achieve racial, economic and environmental justice. Through this work, she has been able to engage community leaders and decision-makers on issues pertaining to immigration, civil rights, voter engagement and legislative advocacy. In 2018, she worked with a team of local volunteers to contact over 1,000 Muslim voters in Fresno County! During her time in Fresno, she has been honored numerous times, including as a recipient of the Way to Peace Award, and has been invited as a guest speaker at local faith institutions, schools and universities to share her reflections as a Muslim woman and to educate others about Islam’s message of justice and equity. You can reach Sukaina at