Zohra Mir

Civil Rights Advocate

Zohra Mir serves as our Civil Rights Advocate. She holds a Bachelors of Art in Political Science and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies from California State University, Sacramento, from which she graduated with honors. Zohra has successfully led CAIR-Sacramento’s first Integrated Voter Engagement program, reaching out to the AMEMSA community in an effort to make their voices heard in a tumultuous political climate. She continues to outperform organizations that have been doing voter engagement for decades and is a wealth of knowledge for the CAIR-California team. Zohra also hosts Know Your Rights clinics on college campuses throughout the greater Sacramento region to inform students of their rights and build a relationship with the youth in the community. As a Kashmiri-Pakistani American, she has always had a keen interest in international law and politics and aspires to get her JD and LLM to work toward her goal of an inclusive, just society for all on a global scale.