Today, the Trump administration proposed its “public charge” rule, attempting to force immigrant families to choose between food, medicine and housing, and the immigration status they need to stay united with family here in the U.S.

If public charge becomes a reality, legal immigrants may be denied visas or green cards for using many types of essential services. The rule even affects programs for children, many of whom are U.S. citizens in mixed-status families. We must not let the Trump administration transform Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, public housing assistance and Medicare Part D into weapons against immigrant families.

The clock is now ticking, and we have 60 days to publicly comment on the rule. Comments are not just a vital way to make your voice heard, they are actually part of the legal strategy to block this heartless policy.

Will you do your part? Will you speak out for our immigrant neighbors?

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In solidarity,

Basim Elkarra
CAIR Sacramento Valley/Central California executive director