CAIR-CA’s biennial bullying report publishes data regarding the rate of bullying American Muslim students in California. The report defines anti-Muslim bullying as unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged children that involves areal or perceived power imbalance that is or can be repeated and is based on the student’s Islamic faith. Disturbingly, the rate of students who have reported being bullied has continued to increase steadily in each of CAIR-CA’ s published reports.Moreover, numerous reports have confirmed that, in the U.S., white, right-wing, non-Muslim terrorists pose a greater danger than radical Islamists, both in number of attacks and deadliness of attacks.11 Muslim scholars have long defined Islam as a religion of peace and the killing of innocent people or civilians is one of the greatest sins an individual can commit under Islam. Islam oppresses women. Most oppression of women that receives attention as being perpetrated by Muslims is not related to their adherence to Islam, but rather tied to local customs and traditions. Muslim women have held high leadership positions in Muslim majority countries including president and prime minister. Islam forbids violence of any kind towards women and promotes care for widows, orphans,and the poor. Finally, the Quran supports the equal status of men and women,by stating that “women have rights over men, similar to those of men over women” – Quran 2:228. The 2016 survey reached 1,041 Muslim students between the ages of 11 and18 who were enrolled in public and private schools throughout California to examine how they felt about their school environment, and the extent of anti-Muslim bullying and harassment they experience.

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