July 27, 2023
This is urgent. Afghan allies need our help to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act. 

When U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan two years ago, tens of thousands of Afghans—many of whom risked their lives in direct support of the U.S. military—entered the United States via humanitarian parole. 

While this temporary protection is welcome, it doesn’t provide a pathway to permanent status. The fact that it was just extended for another temporary period shows how many people are still stuck in limbo, unable to put down roots. And many of our Afghan allies remain outside the U.S., either displaced in third countries or in hiding in Afghanistan. 

The Afghan Adjustment Act would fix this issue by creating a streamlined process for Afghans to apply for permanent status. It would also expand the paths to safety for the people left behind.

We’ve made it simple to message your senators to demand their support of the Afghan Adjustment Act. A key vote is due to happen this week, and we need every senator we can get on board.

The Afghan Adjustment Act may be voted on as a part of the National Defense Authorization Act this week. Please urge your senators to support this bill. 

We need your help to make sure the Senate passed this act!