CAIR aims to help educate and empower American Muslims and the broader community through a variety of workshops in the areas of civil rights, civic engagement, media relations and more. To book any of the workshops listed below, click here.

Civil Rights

The following are a list of workshops offered by CAIR-SV/CC’s Civil Rights Department.

Civil Rights 101

Get a basic understanding of the history of civil rights in the United States and civil liberties issues affecting American Muslims.

Employment Rights

Provides information on your rights and obligations relating to employment discrimination, harassment and accommodation.

Dealing FBI and Law Enforcement

Learn about your rights, duties and how to conduct yourself when you are stopped and questioned by the FBI or law enforcement.

Student Rights and School Bullying

CAIR provides various workshops on student rights directed toward parents, K-12 students, university students or school administrations.

Immigration Discrimination

Understand the FBI name check and naturalization delays affecting the American Muslim community.

Travel Issues

Familiarize yourself with the issues relating to airport profiling and how to conduct yourself when questioned by TSA or CBP.

Challenge Islamophobia

How to identify and counteract Islamophobia: Learn the difference between hate speech and hate crimes and how to react when confronted with either.

Community Safety

General guidelines on how to ensure the safety of your community.

Freedom to Worship

How communities can be better prepared when planning to construct or expand their mosques.


Civic Engagement

The following are a list of workshops offered by CAIR-SV/CC.

Advocacy 101

Learn how to effectively engage with representatives at the local and state level; advocacy tips; the importance of networking and building coalitions; how to set up and have an effective meeting with a member of Congress; develop talking points; and best practices for working with a congressional office.

Politics of Personhood

What influences our understanding of ourselves and the world around us? Learn to navigate identity, privilege, power and justice. This workshop is for high school and college students.

COMBATING Stereotypes

Learn to identify, deconstruct and understand stereotypes and their function in shaping public perception and public policy.

Community History

Learn about American Muslim history and contributions of Muslims in America in a variety of fields.

Challenge Islamophobia

What are the roots of Islamophobia? How does it operate in the public sphere? What can we do to challenge Islamophobic rhetoric and actions? This workshop explores the history of Islamophobia, its manifestations and tools we can use to eradicate it.


Media Relations

The following are a list of workshops offered by CAIR-SV/CC.

Media Relations 101

Media is a powerful vehicle for shaping public opinion and perception. In this workshop, community members learn best practices for effective media engagement. Topics covered include: writing press releases, letters to the editor and op-eds; building media lists; pitching stories; creating effective messaging; interviewing techniques; and organizing press conferences.

Media and Islamophobia

How does Islamophobia operate in media? How do we detect and deconstruct bias and stereotypes in media? Learn how to detect bias, deconstruct Islamophobic frameworks, and use media as a tool to challenge stereotypes and put forth dynamic and diverse American Muslim narratives.