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Hanif Mohebi  |  Executive Director

Mr. Mohebi was raised in the heart of Silicon Valley, and has held various directing positions at for-profit and non-profit organizations.  He has appeared in both local and national media outlets to advocate on behalf of the American Muslim and other marginalized communities. Mr. Mohebi has completed a Pre-PhD program, and has published research. He has a BA in communication studies with an emphasis on globalization and social justice. He has been a featured speaker at high schools, universities, companies and community events on variety of topics such as concepts of world citizenship, “the cycle of love,” and history of anti-civil liberties legislation. He is a young and passionate Muslim American with a wonderful cosmopolitan attitude and great love for civil rights, human rights, and the Constitution of the United States. He is determined to bring about a positive change to the world through dedicating his life to serving humanity.  He has served as an Executive Director of CAIR San Diego since 2011.


Susanne Arani | Staff Attorney

Susanne Arani has been practicing law for almost a decade.  Prior to joining CAIR San Diego, she worked on a variety of civil matters as an attorney of record for clients in litigation. She has handled cases from inception to trial, negotiated favorable settlements on the eve of trial, and deposed several dozen parties, witnesses, and experts.  At CAIR, she advises members of our community on employment, immigration and other civil rights matters.  She received her B.S. from Dartmouth College in 2001, and her J.D. from Boston University School of Law in 2005.


Mejgan Afshan | Public Policy Coordinator

Mejgan Afshan is a native of beautiful San Diego, California and has been involved in supporting progressive issues at the local, state and national level for over a decade. Before joining CAIR San Diego she most recently served the newly resettled immigrant and refugee community at the International Rescue Committee in San Diego. Her commitment and passion for progress is evident in her experience and she believes in the power of the people. Since her time at San Francisco State University where she received her B.A. in International Relations, she has continued to shift the paradigm in engaging Muslim, Middle Eastern, South Asian and various other marginalized groups into organizing and self-advocacy. She has worked on several political campaigns, for the Barona Band of Mission Indians Tribal Council, the San Diego Democratic Party, former Mayor Gavin Newsom and then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Because of her love of art, she is a regular cultural consultant on multimedia and theater projects while avidly supporting inclusive artistic freedom.

Fayaz bio

Fayaz Nawabi | Consultant

Imam Fayaz Nawabi was raised in sunny San Diego where he has been surfing its waves for 17 years. At the early age of 13 Mr. Fayaz memorized the Quran and received his Imam training at Al-Ilm Institute. Later on in his life he became a producer at ESPN Radio, and worked at an investment banking firm for several years. Tired of the corporate life Mr. Fayaz left it and became a local activist and mentor to many at risk youth. He then became the Imam of the Islamic Community Center in San Diego and went back to school wherein he received degrees in Japanese, Public Administration, and City Planning at San Diego State University. Whilst attending San Diego State University Mr. Nawabi worked in student government wherein he was the VP of Intercultural Affairs and worked as a Professors Assistant teaching the subject of Administrative Behavior. Mr. Nawabi is a very passionate Muslim American that has over a decade of experience in counseling and activism. He is very passionate about the diversity of the human family, equality, social justice, civil rights, and human rights. In his quest for promoting equality and positive vibes, he joins CAIR-San Diego, as a consultant.

Mohamed Kamel - thumbmail

Mohamed Kamel | Accountant


Pat Sosa - thumbnail Pat Sosa | Book-keeper