Saima Nasim


Years of experience in community work has led Nasim to a continued passion for community involvement with a focus on growth and innovative ideas. She has been a member of organizations such as Muslim Youth Council, Manitoba Islamic Association, MSA and Noor Islamic Center Social Committee. Nasim has also worked at a National level with MYNA and ISNA. While working with multiple organizations and communities, she has planned and led a number of large-scale events.

Nasim currently sits on the boards of MCC as the Education Director and Rihla. She has established an ongoing part-time Hifz program and co-founded Hikmah Youth Intensive Classes. Nasim has initiated and co-initiated a number of key successful programs throughout San Diego, including the annual community-wide Family Conference; Reclaiming Our Faith.

Nasim is a Conflict Management Specialist at the National Conflict Resolution Center. Her focus is on Community Mediation and Conflict Coaching.

Saima Nasim holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science from The University of San Diego in Conflict Management and Resolution.