Saima Nasim


Saima Nasim is the founder and CEO of Saima Nasim Design, an interior design company focusing on residential and commercial design. Her most recent design project was the remodeling of the Islamic Center of San Diego’s administrative and Imam’s office. Nasim has been active in community work from an early age, active both locally and nationally within the Muslim Community. Nasim was a member of the Muslim Youth Council and Noor Islamic Center Social Committee. Nationally, she’s been a part MSA (Muslim Student Association), MYNA (Muslim Youth of North America) and ISNA (Islamic Society of North America). Nasim has co-founded Hikmah Intensive, a successful youth program at MCC over 5 years ago. Nasim has initiated a number of key programs throughout the San Diego Community including being one of the leads for the San Diego Family Conference; Reclaiming Our Faith, the first of its kind, successful full-day conference in San Diego. Nasim is on the board of Muslim Community Center of Greater San Diego serving as the education director. Nasim has been a resident in San Diego for 10 years and is committed to community work, as seen in her founding of quality programming throughout the city. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Manitoba and has continued with her education over the years in various forms.