September 24, 2014


The four offices of the California chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CA) published the 2014 California Voter Guide.

The voter guide is a compilation of resources to help community members vote in the 2014 mid-term elections on November 4. The booklet consists of three main resources:

  • Congressional scorecard
  • California State Legislative scorecard (state scorecard)
  • Statewide proposition guide

The scorecards reflect the voting performance of California representatives from Congress, and the California State Legislature. The votes of each legislator have been rated positive or negative depending on how closely their votes on relevant legislation corresponded with civil rights and social justice priorities identified by CAIR-CA.

The guide also includes CAIR-CA’s recommendations on statewide ballot propositions. As a non-profit and non-partisan organization, CAIR-CA cannot advocate for specific candidates for office, but is able to endorse ballot propositions.

The voter guide is part of CAIR-CA’s voter empowerment and mobilization efforts made this year. In addition to the distribution of the voter guide, CAIR-CA’s efforts include organizing voter registration drives at local mosques and online through CAIR-CA’s website and creating Muslims United for Solidarity and Action (Project MUSA) with the Muslim Student Associations across the West Coast (MSA West) to educate and mobilize voters in support of Proposition 47.

“Our goal with this guide and other election related projects is to empower California Muslims to not only participate in civic life, but also to make informed choices as they participate in the 2014 mid-term elections,” said Haroon Manjlai, CAIR-LA’s Public Affairs Coordinator. ”Throughout America’s history, many groups have struggled to achieve their right to vote and for some communities that struggle continues until today. We hope our voter engagement and education work will lead to greater participation from the Muslim community in the November elections.”

Hard copies of the guide will be available at the CAIR-SFBA office and at various CAIR outreach efforts through election day.

CAIR-CA is especially thankful to Haroon Manjlai, J.D., CAIR-LA Public Affairs Coordinator who compiled this guide with the help of Sameena Usman, CAIR-SFBA Government Relations Consultant; Noor Khouraki, CAIR-LA Multimedia Specialist; and Fatima Iqbal, Esq., CAIR-SFBA Staff Attorney. CAIR-CA would also like to thank Averroes High School students, Omar Din and Aabida Mohammad, and CAIR-LA interns, Mona Bennani, Amal Ali, and Noah Nuru who provided invaluable support on this project.