December 14, 2016


2016 has been a very interesting year all over the world. We clearly have challenges ahead but our resolve has never been stronger. This is our time to shine and step up to protect our community's dreams, aspirations and standing within our nation.  Our dedicated staff pledges to tirelessly protect you; We need your pledge to support CAIR

In 2016 we saw the highest number of hate incidents against Muslims since 2001/2002. Many community members whom you may know personally in San Diego were targeted, including our staff and office. As the next US administration transitions in, we expect American Muslims to bear the impact. But we know it will only bring out the best from us as Muslims on an individual, orgnanizational and community level. However, we need your financial help. A lot of that fight will be in the media and courts and we need to beef up our investments in those areas to be ready.

  • 2016 was a ground breaking year for us in CAIR california as we got AB 2845 on Anti-bullying in public schools bill passed through to become law in California. There are several other bills that we working with our partners with to get passed through
  • In San Diego we are actively working with local school districts to help implement policies that will enforce the Anti-Bullying law
  • We took a bus load of San Diego Muslims to Sacramento where they joined over 600 Muslims for Muslim Day at the Capitol to advocate on policy on your behalf. Such grassroots participation sets up the stage for CAIR to then work with law makers to get bill introduced and passed that secure our rights and freedoms and American Muslims. 
  • While incidents of hate, prejudice and discrimination against Muslims in the community continue, CAIR San Diego has a full time, experienced attorney leading our Civil Rights Departments to help advise the community. Our Civil Rights report provides valuable information on various types of incidents and our response to them. 
  • This year we also started our Immigration Services to assist the community with legal services in order for them to obtain their permanent residence and/or citizenship.
  • As always CAIR believes in complete transparency of our financial for the community. You can find our 2015-2016 Annual Report complete with highlights of our challenges and achievements, along with financial disclosures.

 Help us reach our end of the year goal for 2016 so we can start 2017 full of energy and resolve