Dear community members,

Your support is keeping the CAIR-CA team on the front lines of fighting Islamophobia, while everyone unites together to limit the devastating effects of COVID-19.

Because of you, we can provide the most vulnerable among us a sense of ease knowing that our legal team remains dedicated to advocating for and protecting them, regardless of circumstance.

We are aware this pandemic has affected many people’s mental and physical health, threatened economic well-being, and shattered our sense of safety.

CAIR-CA’s leadership, legal, and outreach staff have promptly responded to our community’s rapidly evolving needs. We recognize that this unprecedented time presents unique challenges for so many and we are working diligently to respond to evolving needs.

Beginning on Monday April 27, as a direct response to those who are most impacted by the Coronavirus, our legal team is expanding services to include advice and guidance on the following topics:

  • Housing Issues & Evictions: though a number of localities have moratoriums in place, we know this is a particularly frightening concern and our staff will explain the moratorium requirements, make referrals to appropriate local agencies based on your circumstances.
  • Stimulus Payments: many have been disbursed and many are pending. Our staff will address general questions about payment qualifications and tracking.
  • Unemployment Benefits: with millions of people facing unemployment and underemployment, many are applying for the first time. Our staff will answer your questions, help assess your eligibility, and guide you to the resources that will ensure you stay protected and informed.

If you have questions regarding the listed topics, please contact us by phone at 858-278-4547 or by completing our intake form. We also continue to provide ongoing civil rights legal services during this time, including COVID-19 related visa extensions.

Thank you for your faith in our organization and your continued support. We are all in this together!