FRF Facebook BannerFriends of the American Muslims, a project of CAIR San Diego

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” 

Why:  Given the political atmosphere many org/individuals have asked us, how can we help?  This project is focused on building a coalition that would serve to combat Islamophobia in all its forms. 

Purpose: To unite a group of people that could work continuously on combating Islamophobia and making sure that American Muslim community is not marginalized.Vision:  a world where all (including the American Muslims) are treated equally.


  1. Enhance understanding of Islamophobia and the American Muslim Community
  2. Encourage dialogue (inter/intra communication)
  3. Support and strengthen protecting civil rights of American Muslims (and all Americans)
  4. Empower the Americans to defend the constitution even when it’s not convenient (Empower American Muslims so they are not marginalized)
  5. Build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding


  • This group will commit to non-violent philosophy
  • We will accomplish our goals through education, motivation, activation of communities to stand for peace, justice and equality.


  • Core members will consist of community organizations/institutions such as VFP, ACLU, Alliance SD, other civil rights/religious groups, educational institutions, government agencies (if they are willing to work for the people).
  •  Individuals, students (anyone) who would like to help at whatever level they can.

Action Requested: 

1.     Sign up your organizations to support this effort and be part of the “Forum on Religious Freedom” coalition

2.     Send a representative of your organization to join our press conference on Tuesday Jan 31

3.     Join us on a Town Hall Meeting on Friday, February 3

4.     Encourage all your members to sign up, and join the movement

5.     Support us financially.  Organizations, corporations, or individuals can give us grants, or financial help so we can have more educational events, hire more individuals to better organize our communities and defend our rights/liberties.



What We Plan to Do:

In response to unprecedented challenges faced by the American Muslim community in the coming year, CAIR San Diego is:


  1. Launching a $200 thousand "Civil Rights Legal Defense Fund" specifically for San Diego and Imperial Counties to provide free legal services for American Muslims, our institutions, and all people who face discrimination in our counties.
  2. Planning to create a legal directory of non-profit organizations and law firms to provide free legal help for those whose civil rights are violated or areas of law that we cannot cover.
  3. Planning to launch an emergency hotline to help American Muslims in San Diego and Imperial Counties to report hate crimes.
  4. Preparing training materials for our community to enable them to know the law and their rights, including the production of videos and multimedia platforms.
  5. Planning anti-bullying campaigns for Muslim students and for school officials.
  6. Conducting "Know Your Rights and Responsibilities" workshops.
  7. Planning to hire more staff to focus on government relations and media to better serve our local community.
  8. Working to engage the new administration to hold it to the highest standards in defending the rights of all those who reside in the US, as guaranteed by the Constitution.
  9. Continuing to work with our friends and allies to ensure that all Americans are treated with dignity and respect under the rule of law.