June 9, 2017

Every Ramadan, like many other Muslim organizations, CAIR San Diego asks you to support us financially with your charity and Zakat. We are the only organization working locally in San Diego to protect the rights and civically empower San Diego's growing Muslim community.  But this Ramadan is like no other in recent history for us. Hate crimes against Muslims spiked 44% just last year and nearly 600% in the last 3 years. The horrifying stories behind these numbers occur right here in San Diego. Our office is battling this wave of incidents by continuing to push local law enforcement to investigate such incidents while providing the victims with free legal counsel

On the bright side, the hostile atmosphere has also brought out the best out of our allies and well-wishers, and the opportunity to harness this broad swath of energy has never been greater. Our office has proactively seized the moment to work on 2 projects that, with your support, can impact American Muslims in ways we couldn't have imagined before.

Both these projects take dedicated resources for success to have a meaningful impact on our community and society. We're ready to take this responsibility on but we need your financial help. Can we count on your support?

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Building on last year's legislative success in Sacramento, we worked with SD-USD to unanimously pass an initiative to combat Muslim bullying. The board approved a plan to address bullying incidents and enhance educational materials to better inform teachers and students about the American Muslim story.  To reinforce our proactive impact on policy, we had over 25 organizations locally who stepped up and joined us for our first meeting to launch the Form on Religious Freedom. It is now on us to lead this forum and solidify this goodwill to strategically enhance religious freedom for our community.


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