October 12, 2023


In the wake of Israel’s recent assault on Gaza, many schools and universities have recently released one-sided statements of support for Israel that have been emailed to students, families, and community members in their school districts. The schools’ statements fail to acknowledge the dispossession of the Palestinian people under the illegal Israeli occupation and apartheid system or their humanity as they are bombarded and killed by Israeli forces. 

We know that these blatantly biased statements can be extremely upsetting and damaging to the Muslim and Palestinian communities, so we created a downloadable template you can fill out and send to your school or university. Download the templates below:

*These templates constitute suggested material to empower you to advocate on behalf of yourself and/or your child. Please note that they do not constitute legal advice. Please use your personal judgment to adapt the content to your particular case. If you need more direct assistance, please contact our Civil Rights Department at (858) 278-4547.


If your employer releases a biased statement, contact CAIR-SD’s Civil Rights department at (858) 278-4547 or click here for further assistance.