(SAN DIEGO, CA, 2/3/16) – The San Diego office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-SD), one of the offices of the largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today welcomed the San Diego Community College District’s resolution in support of human rights and refugees.Last week, at the meeting of January 28th, the board of trustees passed a resolution in support of human rights and refugees.  Before taking the vote, board of trustees heard from the executive director of CAIR San Diego, Hanif Mohebi, welcoming a resolution supporting human rights and refugees.

The resolution, introduced by  Peter Zchiesche, Trustee, in December board meeting states in part:

“Whereas, the San Diego Community College District is composed of a vibrant and rich community with religious, racial, and ethnic diversity, including students from more than 150 countries, and

“Whereas, refugees and others in the United States face growing threats of violence and are increasingly targets of hate crimes; and

“Whereas, all members of our community, including Muslims, Christians, and other refugees, should be treated with dignity, care, and compassion that every person deserves;

“Now therefore be it resolved, that the Board of Trustees of the San Diego Community College District affirms its commitment to stand for human rights, to ensure compassionate treatment for all students, and to support efforts by the United States to become a safe haven for refugees from across the world.

"Given that the San Diego American Muslims community, and the refugees are facing an unprecedented level of hate crimes and stigmatization, it is important that our community leaders stand firm and supporting the proper treatment of all, specifically to protect the rights of students of all religious groups and refugees,” said CAIR San Diego’s Executive Director Hanif Mohebi. 

Full signed resolution is available here.

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