Since Israel launched its campaign on July 8 of collective military punishment on the civilian population of Gaza, it has killed more than 500 Palestinians in air and artillery strikes, wounded well over 3,000 people, destroyed 1,000 homes and thousands of other buildings, and displaced 81,000 people according to reports collected by the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.

It’s a shame that many of our elected leaders are standing behind Israel as they commit these acts of terror.  Infamous politicians such as Representatives Susan Davis and Scott Peters, State Senator Marty Block, and Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman have attended pro-Israeli rally and support Israel’s aggressive behavior.  It’s our duty as a democratic society to make our voices heard, and heed the call of Martin Luther King Jr. who said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

We are urging EVERYONE to call their elected officials and demand an immediate end to Israel’s airstrikes and ground assault targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure.

CALL these offices right NOW

Public Official Local Phone Office Phone Twitter Facebook
Senator Barbara Boxer (619) 239-3884 (202) 224-3553 @SenatorBoxer
Senator Dianne Feinstein (619) 231-9712 (202) 224-3841 @SenFeinstein
Representative Susan Davis: (619) 280-5353 (202) 225-2040 @RepSusanDavis
Representative Scott Peters: (858)-455-5550 (202)-225-0508 @RepScottPeters
State Senator Marty Block: (619) 645-3133 (916) 651-4039
Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman: (858) 484-3154 (619) 531-2000 @SanDiegoPD  

After calling your elected officials, share it with your social media friends and family by using Hashtag (#) IStandWithGaza, which looks like: #IStandWithGaza

  We hope this will gain momentum and spread the call to action to people around the world.

STEP 1: Call up your elected officials.  Remember your tax dollars pay for their office, so they work for you.

Dear (Senator, Representative),

My name is (xxx) and I am your constituent from (county, city)

As your constituent, I urge you to call for an immediate end to Israel’s airstrikes and ground offensive in Gaza which have resulted in the killing of hundreds and wounding of thousands of innocent civilians. UN reports indicate that 80% of the people killed in Gaza have been civilians, raising serious concerns about Israel’s disregard for international and humanitarian law.

The U.S. government must not remain silent about Israel’s unjust and disproportionate use of force against the Palestinians in Gaza.  The “right of a nation to defend oneself” does not extend to unrestrained aerial bombardments of civilian populations and must be condemned immediately.

I look forward to your cooperation in this time-sensitive issue and will be taking your stance as a deciding factor when going to the polls next election.

Thank you (Senator xxx, Representative xxx).

STEP 2: Post #IStandWithGaza to social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instigram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Myspace, etc.

Example: #IStandWithGaza – Just called up Senator Barbara Boxer and urged her to end Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. Join the movement by calling up your representative then posting #IStandWithGaza!!!